Forget about paper tickets and take it easy ! Try Navigo Easy, the new travel pass for occasional journeys

Who is it for?

The Navigo Easy pass is intended for tourists and those travelling occasionally to get around the Paris region transport network.

Why to choose it ?


  • Easier to use, more reliable and more convenient
    You can load several transport tickets onto one pass (single ticket t+, a full or reduced fare “carnet”, Navigo Day ticket, OrlyBus and RoissyBus tickets except Origin-Destination tickets and the “Paris Visite” pass)
  • Reusable
    Your pass can be used and recharged even after several months without traveling
  • Anonymous
    You can lend or pass on a Navigo Easy to someone else. However, during a trip, several people cannot travel simultaneously with the same pass.

Where to find it ?

Go to stations across the Paris region to buy your Navigo Easy pass for €2.

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