Mobilis Day Ticket

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€8.45 per day (Zones 1-2)

This day ticket allows unlimited travel in the Paris region within the selected Zones, on all modes of transport, except Orlyval.


Number of zones
Zones covered
Fare in euros
2 zones1-2 / 2-3 / 4-3 / 4-5€8.45
3 zones1-3 / 2-4 / 3-5€11.30
4 zones1-4 / 2-5€14.00
5 zones1-5€20.10

Fares applicable from 1 January 2023

How to get it

This ticket is available on the following media:

You can buy Mobilis at RATP and SNCF Transilien stations.


  • Within the selected zones, the Mobilis Travel Card is valid on all modes of transport (metro, train, RER, express tram, tram, bus including Filéo), with the exception of certain direct airport services ( Orlyval, Bus Direct Paris-Airport (ex-Cars Air France, VEA Disney shuttles) and tourist buses (OpenTour, Cars Rouges).
  • The ticket is in the form of a magnetic coupon on which you must write the name of the holder and the date of use.


If you have a problem with this ticket, please go to a ticket office.