On-board Ticket

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€2.50 for one ticket

The on-board ticket is sold on the bus. It is only valid for one trip, with no connection.


On-board Ticket
Sold individually on the bus€2.50

Fares applicable from 1 January 2023

How to get it

This ticket is available on the following media:

The ticket is available directly on-board the bus


The on-board ticket, sold individually on the bus, is valid for one journey on the bus on which it was purchased. You cannot connect with another bus or tram, nor with any other mode. On buses operated by private operators (excluding RATP), the on-board ticket can take the form of a paper slip issued by the driver. On certain long-distance routes validation of two Ticket t+ is required.


If you have a problem with this ticket, please go to a ticket office.

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