Scol'R Card

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€308.50 per year (2020-2021)

The Scol'R card is an annual subscription that allows students in the outer suburbs (77 - 78 - 91 - 95) to make a daily return trip between their home and their school on special school routes.


Ile-de-France Mobilités finances a large part of the costs of school transport and sets the regional fare for the Scol'R card (€308.50 in 2020/2021).

Departmental Councils (list below) help families finance these tickets. Check with your département:

Please note :

  • From the start of the 2020 school year, eligible pupils within the meaning of the regional regulations for special school routes and aged under 11 on 31 December, or enrolled in elementary school, benefit from the Scol'R Junior card, the price of which is fixed at €24. Subscription to the Scol'R Junior card is the same process as for a standard Scol'R card.
  • Île-de-France Mobilités proposes a 100% reimbursement of the Imagine R Ticket for holders of a Scol'R Junior card under the age of 11 on 31 December 2020 or enrolled in primary school. The Imagine R ticket allows for unlimited travel throughout Île-de-France, on all modes (except Orlyval). The reimbursement procedure will be published on this site very soon.

How to get it

To be able to buy the Scol'R card you must:

  • Live in Île-de-France: only one home address can be used
  • Be under the age of 21 on 1 September 1 of the school year
  • Attend primary or secondary school or a preparatory class for apprenticeship and be educated in a public or private school and under a “contrat d’association”
  • Have the status of external student or half-boarder
  • Live three kilometres or more from the school.

How to get the card, depending on your department:

If you live in Seine-et-Marne, contact your département to obtain an application form ([email protected] )

If you live in Essonne, check with your département

If you live in the Yvelines or in the Val d'Oise, you can find the information on the School Bus Routes page to find out whether you need to contact your town hall or the transport operator.


The Scol'R card is valid:

  • During school term
  • To make a daily return trip between home and school
  • On a school bus route. It cannot be used on regular routes.


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