Ticket t+

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€1.90 single

The Ticket t+ is valid on all RER and train networks in Paris, on metro, tram and bus.


Reduction if purchased as a “carnet” of 10 tickets
Ticket t+
Fare of paper ticket
Fare on Navigo Easy and telephone
Single ticket€1.90€1.90
“Carnet” of 10€16.90€14.90
“Carnet” of 10 (reduced fare)€8.45€7.45

Fares applicable from 1 April 2020

For the reduced fare the passenger must be able to prove their right to the reduction at any time during their trip.

Conditions under which can you travel with a reduced fare ticket.

How to get it

This ticket is available on the following media:

  • The Ticket t+ is sold at all RATP, SNCF Transilien and Optile ticket offices and machines at metro and tram stations, train stations and at authorised retail outlets.
  • Please note that the Ticket t+ is not sold on-board buses.


Can be used on metro and rail services (train and RER) in Paris

  • The Ticket t+ permits metro-metro, rail-rail and metro-rail connections in Paris for two hours from first validation.
  • It is not valid on trains or RERs outside of Paris.

It can be used on the bus or tram (excluding express tram)

  • A single Ticket t+ is valid for the entire trip (with the exception of certain regular lines, see below).
  • It allows connections between bus and tram for 90 minutes between the first and the last validation.
  • Please note that the Ticket t+ is not accepted on the express tram

It can be used in the Montmartre funicular

  • The Ticket t+ allows you to take the Montmartre funicular, but you cannot connect with other modes of transport.

Good to know

  • Return trips on the same bus (or tram) route as well as trip interruptions to take another bus on the same route are not allowed with the same ticket;
  • Ticket t+ Is not valid on Orlybus, Roissybus or Orlyval;
  • On certain regular lines with 'long distance' pricing, validation of two Ticket t+ tickets is required;
  • The Ticket t+ is valid on the Noctilien night bus network with specific conditions of use:
    - It does not permit connections (a new Ticket t+ must be validated if you connect to another Noctilien bus).
    - For journeys made on Noctiliens with 'long distance' pricing, validation of two Ticket t+ tickets is required.


If you have a problem with this ticket, go to a ticket office.

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