Ticket t+ on Navigo Easy Travel Card or on your phone

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€2.10 Single

The Ticket t+ is valid on all train-RER in Paris, metro, tram et bus networks.


Ticket t+ on Navigo Easy Travel Card or on your phone
“Carnet” of 10 tickets€16.90
“Carnet” of 10 tickets (reduced fare)€8.45

Fares applicable from 1 January 2023

For the reduced fare you must be able to prove your eligibility at any time during your trip. What are the conditions required to travel with a reduced fare ticket?

How to get it

This ticket is available on the following media:

You can add your Ticket t+ (in a “carnet” or for single trip) onto your Navigo Easy Travel Card:

  • at all sales counters and on ticket machines at RATP or SNCF stations
  • from approved local shops
  • on your phone using the IDF Mobilités app.


Valid on

  • Metro lines;
  • RER / train lines, in Zone 1;
  • Bus routes covered by an agreement with the STIF and for which the Ile-de-France tariff is applicable;
  • Tram and Tzen lines;
  • The Montmartre funicular;
  • Filéo.

Ticket t+ on Navigo Easy Travel Card or on your phone does not allow you to travel on:

  • Long-distance bus lines;
  • Tram 11 Express line;
  • OrlyBus, RoissyBus and Orlyval.

Ticket t+ cannot be used to connect between "metro or RER / train (in Zone 1)" and "bus, tram or Tzen".

  • Use on the metro and RER / train in Paris (Zone 1)
    The Ticket t+ can be used to connect for up to 90 minutes from initial validation at the start of your journey on the network, without exiting: metro-metro, RER / train-RER / train and metro-RER / train in Paris - except between Pont-Cardinet (train) and Saint-Lazare (metro)
  • Use on the bus, tram or Tzen
    A single Ticket t+ is valid for a complete journey
    It can be used to connect between bus, tram and Tzen for 90 minutes between the first and last validation.
    Return trips and more than one journey on the same bus, tram or Tzen line are not allowed with the same Ticket t+.
  • Use in the Montmartre funicular
    You can travel on the Montmartre funicular with a Ticket t+, but you cannot connect with other modes of transport.

Good to know

This ticket is available in 10-ticket “carnet” format (full price and reduced price) and for single trips (full price only). 

This ticket (in “carnet” or single trip format) can be added onto a Navigo Easy pass that you must obtain in advance. Please note that it is not possible to add both ticket types on the same pass at the same time. A Navigo Easy pass cannot contain more than 30 Ticket t+.

You can buy this ticket on your phone, using the IDF Mobilités app, store it on your phone or add it onto your Navigo Easy Travel Card.