On-board Ticket via SMS

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€2.50 single ticket

The On-board Ticket via SMS is sold individually and is valid on the RATP and Optile bus networks.


Ticket on board by SMS
Sold individually€2.50* + possible cost of SMS for some mobile subscriptions

Fares applicable from 1 January 2023 Valid for one hour without no connection

*excluding the cost of the SMS billed by the telephone operator if applicable.

Ticket price charged to your telephone bill.

Service available with Bouygues, Orange, SFR and Free phone operators.

Ticket price charged to your telephone bill.

How to get it

This ticket is available on the following media:

Since 1 September 2018, you can purchase a bus ticket in the inner suburbs using your phone and without the need for cash. Send a code by SMS and you will receive a ticket in the form of an SMS and will be appear directly on your mobile bill.

This experiment was extended on 12 March 2020 to the entire bus network in Île-de-France.

The On-Board Ticket via SMS is sold individually. To buy it, you just need to send, by SMS to 93100 :

  • for routes served by the RATP, the keyword “BUS” followed by the number of the bus route (e.g. BUS63 or BUS24). The route number is displayed on the bus;
  • for lines in the Optile network, the code required is displayed at the bus stop or in the vehicle. You can also click here to view the list.

The code to send depends on the network and the routes where it can be used. You can use upper- or lower-case letters for the code.

Once you have sent the code, you will immediately receive the SMS ticket on your phone. It is valid one hour from the time the SMS is sent. It does not allow you to connect with another bus or tram, or with any other mode of transport.

This service is only available to customers with phones operated by Bouygues Télécom, Orange, SFR or Free.


You can only buy one SMS ticket for each SMS you send.

Multiple SMS tickets can be ordered from a single phone, allowing travel on a long-distance fare bus (FR) or for several people travelling together.

In these cases, the passenger who owns the phone used to buy the SMS ticket must send the code by SMS to the number twice for a long-distance tariff bus, and as many times as there are passengers for a trip on a regular fare route, doubled for a long-distance fare bus. As SMS tickets are only stored on the phone used to make the purchase, passengers must stay together throughout the trip.


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