User purchasing a On-board ticket via SMS

On-board ticket via SMS

Your bus journey is just a text message away!


€2.50   per unit see conditions at the bottom of the page

  • No need for cash to take the bus any more
  • No more paper bus tickets
  • Buy your bus ticket directly with your phone
Illustration showing a bus with its driver

Does it work for me?

The SMS on-board ticket is right for you if:

  • You are making a single journey without a connection (the ticket is valid for one hour).
  • Your journey is on the Ile-de-France Mobilités bus networks.
  • You have a Bouygues, Orange, SFR or Free mobile phone plan.
Illustration showing a traveler waiting at the bus stop with his mobile

Simple and practical

If you find yourself at the bus stop and you don't have a ticket, don't panic

You can buy an on-board ticket with your phone by SMS

No need to have cash on you anymore. You can now buy your bus ticket anywhere in Ile-de-France using your phone!

How it works

  1. Type via SMS:
    - the number of the bus route you are taking on the RATP network (for example: BUS24)
    - the key word displayed at the bus stop or in the vehicle for OPTILE services
  2. Send the SMS to 93100
  3. You will receive a ticket in the form of an SMS message. The ticket is valid for one hour
  4. Show the SMS message to the bus driver