Preparing for the future

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Studies and future plans

Evaluation committee for the improvement of transport services in Ile-de-France

This committee of independent experts created at the initiative of the president of Ile-de-France Mobilités in 2016 is responsible for assessing the scope and impact of the measures implemented by Ile-de-France Mobilités.

Global Transport Survey

Knowing the travel habits of Ile-de-France residents today is essential in order to provide transport that meets their expectations in the future. This is what the Global Transport Survey allows.

Traffic forecast

We have developed a tool for forecasting trips in Ile-de-France, road traffic and on public transport networks. It is used for studies of public transport projects and travel policies carried out by Ile-de-France Mobilités (formerly STIF).

Mobility Observatory

The Ile-de-France urban travel plan

The Ile-de-France Urban Travel Plan (PDUIF) sets out the objectives and framework of the travel policy for people and goods in the region up to 2020 and for all modes of travel. The PDUIF targets a sustainable balance between mobility needs, environmental and health protection and preservation of quality of life while taking into account financial constraints.

Territorial service studies

 We are carrying out studies on high-priority areas in the region in order to identify the needs for new public transport infrastructure.

SIDV and the specifics of validation data

The striking feature of the implementation of the “ticket validation data information system” (SIDV) for Ile-de-France Mobilités is the considerable volume of data flows to be managed. On a single day of full traffic, there are around 10 million tickets validated and around 2.5 billion ticket validations over a year.

Passengers and passengers’ use of transport tickets

How many passengers for each ticket type? What share of total revenue comes from ticket revenue? Who uses which ticket?