Illustration of a person in a wheelchair with their companion who presents them with a Navigo pass loaded with a Navigo Month pass

75% Solidarity Discount

Solidarity rate for those eligible


-75% all zones

  • Applicable on Navigo Weekly or Navigo Monthly
  • Freedom to travel according to your needs


Zones Navigo Weekly Navigo Monthly
1 to 5 (All zones) €7.50 €21.00
2 to 3 €6.85 €19.20
3 to 4 €6.65 €18.70
4 to 5 €6.55 €18.20

Rates applicable as of January 1, 2023

These tickets are “dezoned” on weekends, public holidays, during half-term school holidays in zone C and from mid-July to mid-August. During these periods they are all valid across all zones.

Illustration of a person holding a Navigo pass in their hand

Can I benefit from it?

The following people can benefit from the 75% Solidarity Discount:

  • beneficiaries of Supplementary Universal Health Coverage (CMU-C) / Supplementary Solidarity Health Coverage (CSS) without financial participation, as well as members of their household
  • unemployed people receiving the Specific Solidarity Allowance (ASS).

Please note: 75% Solidarity Discount tickets are only issued on a Navigo Travel Card (they cannot be loaded onto a Navigo Découverte Travel Card, a Navigo Annual Travel Card, or a Navigo Imagine R Travel Card).

Illustration of a hand holding a Navigo pass

How to get it?

Go to  to apply or call Solidarité Transport on 0800 948 999, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Have your CMU-C / Complementary Health Solidarity (CSS) certificate without financial participation or your Pôle Emploi number.

Solidarité Transport will handle this process free of charge.