Navigo Solidarity 75% Weekly Ticket

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€7.50 per week (all zones)

Reduced rate granted to beneficiaries of the Solidarity 75% Reduction. Unlimited travel in selected zones on all modes of transport (except Orlyval). From Monday to Sunday.


Selected zones
Fares in euros
All zones (1-5)€7.50

Fares applicable from 1 January 2023

How to get it

This ticket is available on the following media:

Award conditions

You must have the right to the 75% Solidarity Reduction:

  • The beneficiaries of the “Couverture Maladie Universelle Complémentaire CMU-C / Complémentaire Santé Solidaire (CSS) sans participation financière”, as well as the members of their household; or
  • Recipients of the “Allocation de Solidarité Spécifique (ASS)”.

Good to know

  • The 75% Solidarity Reduction ticket can only be added onto a Navigo Travel Card (not onto a Navigo Découverte Travel Card, or as an Annual Navigo ticket or a Navigo Imagine R ticket).

How to obtain your reduction and add your ticket?

  • If you meet the conditions, go to  to make your application or call the Agence Solidarité Transport on 0800 948 999, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 7 pm. You will need your CMU-C / Complémentaire Santé Solidaire (CSS) sans participation financière certificate or your Pôle Emploi number.
  • The Agence Solidarité Transport does not charge a fee for administrative costs.
  • If you do not have a Navigo Travel Card, Agence Solidarité Transport can order one for you. You can also get one for free:
    - immediately at a sales agency, RATP or SNCF Transilien ticket office (presenting proof of identity and proof of address); or
    - within a maximum of three weeks from the Go to “Manage my Navigo card” online or by returning the application form available at RATP and Transilien SNCF stations to the Agence Navigo.
  • After having added your right to the 75% Discount onto your Navigo Travel Card, you can then buy and add a Navigo Solidarity 75% Monthly Ticket:
    - at all ticket offices and ticket machines at RATP SNCF stations;
    - Crédit Mutuel / CIC ATMs in Île-de-France;
    - from local shops equipped with a Navigo terminal;
    - online, by clicking on “Recharge my Navigo card ” provided you already a Navigo reader (on sale at stations).
  • You can also add and travel with half-price tickets (after adding your right to your reduction onto your Navigo Travel Card).


  • The 75% Solidarity Reduction, funded by Île-de-France Mobilités and the Île-de-France Region, allows its beneficiaries to purchase:
    - Navigo Solidarity 75% Weekly or Monthly Tickets, sold with a 75% reduction on the price of the corresponding Navigo tickets;
    - “carnets” of 10 Ticket t+ and "Origin-Destination" tickets (valid on the train and RER), in a “carnet” of 10 or individually, with a 50% reduction.
  • Navigo Solidarity 75% Weekly Tickets has the same characteristics as the corresponding Navigo ticket (access to networks, employer reimbursement).
  • Normal reduced-price tickets remain paper tickets. The Navigo Travel Card, with the right to the 75% Solidarity Reduction added, is however necessary to be able to buy them and justify their use.
  • The right to the reduction is granted for a period of 1 to 12 months, depending on the type and end date of social benefit. It can then be renewed with the Agence Solidarité Transport.
    The 50% reduction also allows its beneficiaries to sign up to Navigo Liberté+ with a reduced rate profile.


To request or renew your right to the Navigo Solidarity 75% Reduction:

Agence Solidarité Transport Île-de-France


Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.


To benefit from the Navigo services associated with the Navigo Travel Card:

Agence Navigo

95905 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex

0969 39 22 22 (non-premium rate call)

You can do the following:

  • obtain a proof or purchase (employer reimbursement, etc.);
  • increase the valid zones for your ticket;
  • cancel and have your package refunded (subject to conditions);
  • replace your lost, stolen, expired or defective card;
  • modify your Navigo pass (photo, identity);
  • replace your lost or stolen pass

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