Illustration of a person holding a Navigo pass in their hand

Solidarity Free Ticket

Free transport throughout Ile-de-France for recipients of social benefits


Free  every 3 monthsall zones

  • For recipients of social benefits
  • Travel on all modes of transport
  • Available on the Navigo Travel Card
Illustration of a person holding a Navigo pass in their hand

Can I benefit from it?

To benefit from the Solidarity Free Ticket, you must:

  • live in Ile-de-France;
  • be part of a household receiving RSA under certain income conditions (the sum of your basic allowance and your activity bonus must be lower than the limits defined by Ile-de-France Mobilités);
  • or be unemployed and benefit from both the Specific Solidarity Allowance (ASS) and the Supplementary Universal Health Coverage (CMU-C) / Supplementary Solidarity Health Coverage (CSS) without financial participation.

Income limits to qualify

Number of childrenYou live aloneYou live as a couple
per additional child €311€311

Income limits as of 04/01/2020 to benefit from Free Transport.

The basic allowance and the activity bonus are automatically calculated by the CAF and appear on the RSA payment certificates.

Illustration of a hand holding a Navigo pass

How to get it

The Solidarity Free Ticket is only available on a Navigo Travel Card (it is not available on a Navigo Découverte, Navigo Annual card or Navigo Imagine R Travel Cars). It can be renewed every three months, as long as the award criteria are met.

If you meet the award criteria, go to to make your request or call Solidarité Transport on 0800 948 999, they will handle this process free of charge.