Illustration showing a traveler validating her journey with her Navigo pass and her freedom + package

Navigo Liberté +

Pay for each journey with your Navigo Travel Card


€1.73  each single tripRER (in central Paris only), metro, bus and tram

  • No need to load your pass
  • Pay only for the journeys you make
  • Get your invoice at the end of the month


Journey Full fare Reduced fare
Bus / Tram * €1.73€0.86
RER in Paris / Metro€1.73€0.86
Montmartre Funicular€1.73€0.86
Long distance bus€3.46€1.73

Fares applicable as of 1 January 2024

* Except T11 express, T12 et T13

Some connections are free in Paris (see details at the bottom of the page)

Illustration showing a hand holding a coin

Maximise your budget

  • Pay for your journeys as you go with no commitment or minimum period.
  • Benefit from a reduced fare of €1.69 instead of €2.10 for a standard ticket t+.
  • Over the period of one day, you can only be charged up to €8.45 (the price of a Navigo Day 2-zone ticket). Once you have reached that limit, further journeys are free.
Illustration showing two female travelers on the platform waiting for the metro

Is it right for me?

Navigo Liberté + is the right fit if:

  • Your journeys are mainly by metro or RER in central Paris.
  • You travel by bus and tram throughout the Ile-de-France region.
  • You mainly travel with t+ tickets and you want a more practical, simpler and commitment-free solution.
  • You don’t make enough journeys to justify a monthly or weekly Navigo pass.
Illustration showing a hand taking a Navigo pass out of a wallet

Simple and practical every day

No need to carry t+ tickets with you anymore. Just use your Navigo Travel Card.

No need to reload your pass and no more queues to buy your tickets at the ticket office or ticket machines.

Illustration that shows a smartphone on which there is a monthly bill. And in the background, there is a desktop computer screen on which users are invited to provide this banking information.

How does it work?

  • Subscribe for Navigo Liberté + with your IBAN or RIB.
  • Validate your Navigo Travel Card every time you travel
  • Each month, your trips are totalled up and you are billed the following month.
  • If you are planning to travel more, you can load an all-zones Navigo Weekly or Navigo Monthly ticket at any time onto the same pass.
Illustration showing in the foreground, a traveler who subscribes with her smartphone. In the background, a traveler subscribes at a counter.

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe online or at any official sales point or ticket office.