Assistance at the station for disabled people

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Station assistance is a service where station staff accompany you when you travel on the RER and trains.

Can you benefit from this service?

On the SNCF network, people in possession of a disability card (80% or more) can book the service a day in advance on 09 70 82 41 42  to ensure that a member of staff will be present when they travel and that a solution will be provided in the event any hazard. People with reduced mobility can request assistance at the station by going to the information desk.

On the RATP network, all wheelchair passengers can benefit from this assistance.

How does assistance at the station work?

When you arrive at the station, contact a member of staff at the ticket desk or use the intercom.

You will be accompanied to the train and will be helped getting on. If you are in a wheelchair, we’ll place a mobile walkway between the platform and the train to give you step-free access. It is essential to use the assistance service. You can find out more about accessible stations, just look at the map for wheelchair passengers

Tell the member of staff your destination and they will ensure that someone is there at your destination station and that the lifts are working properly.

On arrival, another member of staff will be waiting for you on the platform and will help you get off the train and, if necessary, exit the station.

For trips made from an SNCF station, it is recommended to book the trip by phone at 09 70 82 41 42 (price of a standard rate call) or by email at [email protected]

For stations that are not accessible, alternative road transport may be organised in certain conditions. Consult the general conditions of use of the service for more information.

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