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Available to everyone and at any time, self-service bicycles offer you great flexibility for your bike trips. Where can you find them? How do you hire them? Find out everything on this page.

Do you like to cycle around but don't have a bike? Self-service bikes are there for you!

Can I hire a self-service bike?

Self-service bicycles are available to anyone who wants to get around by bike, whether you live in Paris or Ile-de-France or are just passing through. There are minimum age limits though. For more information on this subject, contact the various self-service bike operators directly.

Where can I find a self-service bicycle?

There are nearly 1,800 self-service bike stations in Paris and in some inner suburbs, provided by the Vélib’ service.

There are 41 stations in Cergy-Pontoise (VélO2) and 10 stations in Créteil (Cristolib’).

How do I know if a bicycle is available nearby?

When you search for "Nearby" (À proximité) on the website, you will see the self-service bike stations nearby, as well as the real-time availability of bikes and the number of places free to drop off a bike you have rented.

You can also consult the Vélib’, VélO2 and Cristolib’ websites.

Finally, the Vélib’, VélO2 and Cristolib’ mobile apps are available on the App Store (iPhone) and Play Store (Android) to help you use the service every day!

A guide to self-service bikes

Renting a bike

Go to the terminal of the station of your choice.

If you have an annual subscription, you can rent a bicycle with your Navigo card or your travel pass.

If you are not a regular user, you just need your bank card or to buy your ticket online. This will save time at the terminal where you will just need to identify yourself to pick up the bike using a code provided during the online purchase.

Dropping off a bike

Go to the terminal of the station of your choice.

Drop your bike off at an empty docking point. Wait for the short signal (light and/or sound) before moving away. This means that the bike is correctly docked. If the signal stays on too long your bike is not properly locked.

Remember that you are responsible for the last bike in your possession. Make sure you lock it properly before leaving the bike station.

If you have a problem renting or dropping off a bike, contact the operator directly.

Finally, to find out about all the possibilities available to you at the docking stations, please consult the bicycle operators’ websites.

How much do self-service bicycles cost?

Several subscription options are available to you: daily, weekly or annual.

Whichever option you choose, the first 30 minutes are free every time you rent a bike. After the first 30 minutes, you will have to pay an additional amount. Discounts are offered to certain categories.

To find out more about the different subscriptions and prices offered, visit the websites. You can combine the various Vélib’, Cristolib’ and VélO2 subscriptions on your Navigo card.