Get ready for your stay in Paris and its region

Here is everything you need to know to make the most of your time in Paris and its region: the tickets best suited to what you want to do, the different options for getting around by public transport, the fare zones and lots of practical advice.

The passenger’s guide

This guide tells you all about the times of the first and last metro, night buses and our advice on safe travel.

How to get around the Ile-de-France region?

Download our PDF guide for visitors and tourists.

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Discover Paris and its region

Discover the Île-de-France region, its historical monuments, forests, museums, hikes and walks, shows and cuisine.

Paris and its region are full of surprises and places to discover by bus, train, bike or Vélib'.

Plan your journeys

There is no shortage of public transport options with metros, trams, buses, RER trains, suburban trains, bikes or car-sharing. To plan your journeys, use our trip planner.


Tickets and fares: everything you need to know

Whether you are visiting for a weekend, a few days, a week, or more, here is some good advice about buying and choosing the ideal transport ticket.

From the airport to your destination

If you are arriving or departing by plane find out about the shuttle buses, automatic metro and other public transport options to and from the airport.

How to choose the right zone for your ticket

The Île-de-France public transport network is divided into several fare zones. Ranging from 1 to 5, they determine the price of the ticket and the places you can go.

How do you choose the right zones for your trips? We’ll explain everything to you !

Bikes and car-sharing, other ways of getting around in Ile-de-France

There is more than just the metro to explore the Île-de-France region!

To help reduce the number of vehicles in town think about bike rental or self-service scooters and cars. Visit Île-de-France in a different way.

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Accessible public transport

Whatever your destination, there's an accessible route to get you there on our network.

Go to our trip planner and set up your route based on your needs in the "Easy access" tab!

Do you have a question or a problem?

Have you got a problem we can help you with? Or maybe a question about your ticket or how to pay for it? Get in touch and we’ll be pleased to help.

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