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Île-de-France Mobilités is the Organising Authority for Mobilities (AOM) in Île-de-France. It is in charge of organising and developing the public passenger transport service in addition to coordinating all policies related to mobility at the regional level.


Find here the investor presentation of Île-de-France Mobilités 2023 (EN)

To operate the lines on the network every day, Île-de-France Mobilités signs contracts with transport companies. Île-de-France Mobilités now directly finances almost all the investments related to the public transport network in the Ile de France region, except for infrastructure on the Grand Paris Express project. Between 2024 and 2033, Île-de-France Mobilités will invest more than 38 billion euros and plans to raise 24 billion euros of debt in this period to finance this investment plan, the majority of which will be in the form of Green Bonds.